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"I am passionate about helping families get healthier and prevent chronic diseases through evidence based approach to exercise and health coaching"

Educator | Paramedic | Fitness & Health Coach 


Chronic Disease Prevention

We belief that health is our greatest asset and will ensure you are at your optimal and enjoy a quality living through your golden years

Exercise is Medicine 

We are experienced in using exercise to improve medical conditions & partner with family physician and allied health to holisticly take care of you 

Evidence Based Approach

We remove the guesswork from health and fitness. Using tested methods that work and produce results.

Coaching Methodology

We partner you in your health and fitness. Focused on developing and unleashing your innate potential to superior health and fitness.

A strong body and wonderful health is simple. They are the results of small consistent actions compound over time.

Why choose us?

Industry Recognized

Nicholas is an educator with sport and medical institutes and have done training for over 3000 people in Singapore

Lifetime support 

A journey of a thousand miles start with the first step. We will be with you every step of the way.


Thanks for your testimonials!


Have you and your family received the wonderful benefits of exercise? If you have not, you are missing out!

My team and are passionate about helping families get started on improving health through exercise, and prevent chronic diseases like diabetes, high blood, cardiovascular issues, cancer, and depression. 


Using an evidence based approach. We take away the guess work and guarantee you results.


Advocating a sustainable and keep it simple plan. We have you covered in your health and fitness. Giving you the opportunity to focus on other aspects of your life. 

We look forward to getting in touch with you and how we can supercharge your life together. Cheers to your everlasting good health!

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Received an unexpected blessing from Cay
Gave a lesson on Basic First Aid , at Si
Wonderful evening exercising at the park



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 A really friendly environment to be in and the instructors have been really helpful. I have lost weight and I feel more energetic. it has changed my lifestyle!

Ahilla, HR manager

I had lots of fun here! The atmosphere is casual and lively~ There is variety in the type of HIIT exercises done. Most importantly, the coaches are very friendly and encouraging! They will never shame you for not being able to perform an exercise well. They will tell you nicely how to get the correct posture or move. In fact, they look out for signs of you over-exerting yourself... I always have a thoroughly enjoyable adrenaline-pumping session with ' em coachies and my fellow participants!

Cui Shan, Enjoying life

I would like to express my appreciation for the good training session you have provided for me. I find your approach to personal training diligent and thoughtful. You demonstrated your understanding of one's need and devise a training plan accordingly. You are knowledgeable in equipment functionality, dietary matters and minimize potential injuries. I feel comfortable throughout my training. I look forward to my next training session. Last but not least I would recommend TCNC Group to those who would like a holistic, disciplined approach to managing their health and general well-being.

Calvin Kok, Senior Manager MNC

Nicholas is an encouraging and supportive trainer. He makes sure that the training is not more than can be handled, and ensures that I do not go overboard with my exercises. I enjoy learning effective and safe ways to exercise and stay healthy from him!

Anwar, Business Development Executive SME

Nicholas is friendly, intuitive and encouraging. He gotten to know my physique, past injuries and diet. Asking about my goal/what I’m looking for and then giving me steps to take to reach that goal. Wonderful experience!

Shaun, Business Owner

Trained with Nicholas since Mar 2019. He's professional and knowledgeable about training. He gives me health tips, an pushes me during training but does it at a comfortable pace. I feel healthier and fitter nowadays. Nicholas has been a great PT and friend.

Jeryl, Finance Director

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